Kaplan Trucking works hard to secure the best fuel discounts for our owner operators at the country’s largest truck stop chains, including Pilot/Flying J, TA, Petro, Love’s, and the AMBEST network of fuel stops. In addition, Kaplan partners with EFS to give our owner operators access to a fuel card with buying power.

Once you join our team, you have the option to receive an EFS card. You can then download the corresponding EFS CardControl app to your smartphone to see all of Kaplan's negotiated fuel discounts in real-time.

Kaplan's fuel discounts typically average 50¢ per gallon!

How Much Can Kaplan's Fuel Discounts Save Me?
As an example, if you traveled 100,000 miles over one year averaging five miles per gallon and you took advantage of our fuel discounts at an average of 50¢ per gallon, you could save $10,000 annually. Keeping in mind that we have averaged even higher discounts in previous years, you could potentially save more.

In addition, in conjunction with our trailer lease purchase program, Single Source Leasing, the savings from Kaplan’s fuel discounts can even offset the entire cost of a trailer lease payment on a new or used MAC or Reitnouer trailer.

Questions? Need More Information?
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